About IFC Plastic

IFC strives to become an international company in the period of 2020 - 2025

IFC Company was established on March 13, 2017 based on business registration license number  0107759343 issued by Hanoi People’s Committee.

IFC is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in manufacturing and distributing CPP/MCPP films.

IFC company specializes in the production of films including: SCPP/CPP/HCPP/WCPP/KCPP/RCPP/MCPP With a system of modern machinery and high quality raw materials imported from countries: UAE, Singapore, Korea, Spain, the company is the foundation for the company to produce high quality products that can meet all requirements. strict demand for quality. With a capacity of 30,000 tons of products/year, the company ensures to meet the demand for films for domestic and export markets.

IFC company always brings satisfaction to customers by service quality which is reflected in product quality, delivery time and after-delivery service. Along with the world economic integration to meet the increasing demand, the company is constantly adding and replacing machines and equipment with more modern equipment, improving productivity and product quality, and meeting a wide range of customers. domestic and international customers.

20000 tons/year
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To meet the quality and capacity criteria of the company. IFC has continuously improved and enhanced the factory management process as well as the quality of goods in order to bring to customers products that meet all the strictest evaluation criteria through the achievement of certifications that ensure the quality of products and services. ensure sufficient conditions to be able to meet the prerequisites for the supply of domestic and foreign markets.