Overview of CPP and MCPP

  1. CPP Film (Cast Polypropylene) film is a film made from PP plastic beads by laminating technology and is one of the important materials for the production of complex packaging, also known as compound packaging, widely used in daily life. daily.

Cpp has several outstanding properties:

  • Good resistance to water and steam
  • High resistance to gas and water vapor
  • Capable of combining with many other materials such as OPP, BOPP, PA…
  • Good solderability, low temperature soldering
  • Use as solder paste. Thickness varies depending on request
  • High clarity and gloss
  • Very clear, with higher stiffness than LDPE and LLDPE films at the same thickness
  • Environmental friendliness

With such outstanding advantages, CPP film is widely applied in the production of packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, medical, and garment industries.

  1. Mcpp (Metallized Cast Polypropylene) film is a film coated with a metal layer (usually aluminum, nickel or chromium, …). The thickness of this metal layer depends on the required properties of the packaging such as moisture-proof, gas-proof, water-proof, etc.

– Gas-proof.

– Good resistance to water and steam

– Withstands steaming and drying processes to ensure food hygiene and safety.

– Keep high color for packaging over time, anti-peeling.

MCPP film is widely used in the production of packaging for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, vacuum bags, etc.

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